The Yoga Trinity Collection

The Yoga Trinity… The Yoga Trinity is one of my most popular yoga collections. I would love to be apart of your movement practice, get all three videos for a lifetime for only $9, including a bonus class!

These three unique classes represent different needs. Whether you need some TLC, you need to get after it or you aren’t in the mood but know you should do SOMETHING, these classes will support you.

First Class: The NOT Feeling it Flow, this class is for those days when you know you SHOULD do something, but don’t want to. It’s slow build up into some light core and strength moves. Perfect for all levels.

Second Class: A Well Deserved Rest, this class is a gentle/restorative yoga flow, it is about an hour long and is so yummy. Great for all levels.

Third Class: The Full Body Flow, this if for those days you ARE feeling it, a moderate strength and core flow. Great for all levels. (if you are a beginner, take it slow, there is no rush).

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