Beginner Yoga Course

The Beginners Yoga Course…Do you want to start moving again? Or have you been wanting to try yoga? Are you just not quite ready to step into a studio? This course is dedicated to the person who has never stepped foot on a yoga mat and for those who want to rekindle their relationship with yoga. No matter your size, functionality or age, this 6 week beginner yoga course is all about you. I will be with you every step of the way. This is a life time access course! You can go at your own pace if you wish! Only $88! Use the code LETSBEGIN17 to receive $19 off the course.

*Over 50 different lectures

*Breakdown of 20 beginner friendly yoga poses to start you on your journey

*5 different soul practices to help rediscover your mind and boy

*6 different yoga flows that incorporate everything you will learn

*6 different meditations techniques

*6 friendly quizzes

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