Thriving During the Holidays


Thriving during the holidays

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. The holidays are fast approaching, and I can already hear the steam rolling out of people’s ears as the pressures and stresses of traveling, of family, of making everything perfect starts to pile on. Now don’t get me wrong, holidays should, and I hope they do bring tons of laughter, smiles and merriment. But before you tackle all of that baking and planning and wrapping make sure you consider your own needs this holiday.

               I know we all know how stressful the holidays can be, and I know we all know that they can be a great time to see family, but they can also be draining. Let’s be real honest here. Dealing with people in everyday life can be a rollercoaster but dealing with family is a whole other thing. Not every family is perfect and not every family sees eye to eye. But even then, we can come out of this feeling better and whole.

               I want you to come out of this holiday season feeling refreshed, feeling filled and loved. AND to get to that place I believe we all need to take a pause before the festivities begin to ask ourselves WHAT DO WE NEED to make that happen? What small things and what time do we need to take to make sure we are in a good place coming into the holidays? Do we need to take an extra long bath the day before a Christmas party? Do we need to still continue our yoga practice or gym routine? My observation with the holidays is I see people drop their usual schedule that has built in self-care time and they negate it all together until the new year, but I am challenging you to keep those small patches of self-worship in your day to day life even through the holidays. The cooking, the planning, the wrapping, the space holding for parties, the decorating, and so many other fine details all pile up and end up draining us when really the holidays should be filling us. I think a reason why they can be so draining is because we lose the times that we usually take for ourselves.

               So, prep yourself for this holiday! No matter what your role is in the holidays, take some time to find boundaries that you need or even drop some boundaries that you need too, most likely you need something that I can’t think of, something that is exactly what YOU need. I truly hope these holiday leave you filled to the brim with love, rejoice and happiness. But discover what YOU need this holiday.

        These were my thoughts today. Take what you need, leave the rest behind!

Published by austeenfreeman

Austeen Freeman is a mystic writer, life-long learner, and facilitator of healing. Author of the Mystic Wanderer Oracle cards, facilitator of virtual and in-person yoga classes, Austeen finds herself wherever she is needed. Her passion for teaching and coaxing students back to their bodies and creating a life soulfully lived, is the foundation of all of her teachings. Her pleasure is uncovering the mystery of the dark and shadowy divine through writing, online journaling challenges and workshops. Her words spill out like cold soothing liberating waters, beckoning you to walk a more mystic path. Her raw and honest prescenses comes from deep within our feminine bowl, you can find her at and at her local studio in Adrian, MI. Austeen has her Master’s degree in Athletic Training, her license in Massage Therapy, as well as a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance.

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