The “I” in “I Love You”

I’ve been on a journey with the word “I”.

Love You and I Love You, such a subtle contrast but these are two very different sentences, with very different meanings. We all know it, even though we pretend that we can interchange the two sentences, it’s not the same thing. Let’s be honest, we hide behind the phrase “love you”. It comes as a protection mechanism. Allows us to not really mean it, to not truly feel it within ourselves. Otherwise, we would be lying if we said the I along with it. Yeah sure, we said the L word back when we said, “love you”, but did we? We said it back because someone said it to us or because it’s “Family”. But we probably didn’t really mean it. And should we have to say it back to someone because they said it to us? (That’s a whole other conversation).

The I in I love you is personal, it’s a direct reflection from you, it FEELS different than saying just “love you”. When you say “Love you” that could have come from anywhere, it could be anyone saying it, you wouldn’t have to own it or claim it because there was no “I” involved. BUT, you put the I in front love you and it’s a game changer. Now it’s you, dedicating that YOU, yes you, love them.

Throughout this journey with the I, I have been intentional with how I say I love you, and more importantly, identifying how I feel when I say it. Am I comfortable putting the “I” in front it? Would I rather not? And if I don’t feel comfortable then I probably shouldn’t say it. How do you say I love you? And can we admit to ourselves that maybe we shouldn’t replace love you with I love you?

AND maybe we don’t say that we love someone if we can’t put I in front of it. Let’s be honest this isn’t the only phrase we make impersonal. There is… “Sorry” vs. “I’m Sorry” and “Miss you” vs. “I miss you”. Now just to be clear, I am not judging those who don’t put “I” in front of these terms. I have been on my own journey with being comfortable making these phrases personal and this may help someone who is also struggling. AND for those of you who have just begun to be comfortable with the words love and sorry and miss, congrats to you! Really, that is a big step.

These are freeing thoughts for me. Thanks for reading,


Published by austeenfreeman

Austeen Freeman is a mystic writer, life-long learner, and facilitator of healing. Author of the Mystic Wanderer Oracle cards, facilitator of virtual and in-person yoga classes, Austeen finds herself wherever she is needed. Her passion for teaching and coaxing students back to their bodies and creating a life soulfully lived, is the foundation of all of her teachings. Her pleasure is uncovering the mystery of the dark and shadowy divine through writing, online journaling challenges and workshops. Her words spill out like cold soothing liberating waters, beckoning you to walk a more mystic path. Her raw and honest prescenses comes from deep within our feminine bowl, you can find her at and at her local studio in Adrian, MI. Austeen has her Master’s degree in Athletic Training, her license in Massage Therapy, as well as a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance.

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