Candle Light Showers

Every chance I get, which is 6 out of the 7 nights week, I take showers bathed in just candle light. A single candle lights the bathroom, so dark I can barley see. This starts to give my eyes a break from the day. No artificial light and usually some light music playing, sometimes it’s deeper, stronger music… just depends on how the day went. I am sharing this with you because it is becoming an important ritual for me. A way to love myself at the end of the day, instead of maybe loving myself with some ice cream (LOL). Do you have any nightly rituals? Do you have ways of loving yourself each day? There are many ways to do this, candle light showers are just one of mine.

Comment below with your ways of showing love to yourself! I would love to hear them!


Published by austeenfreeman

Austeen Freeman is a mystic writer, life-long learner, and facilitator of healing. Author of the Mystic Wanderer Oracle cards, facilitator of virtual and in-person yoga classes, Austeen finds herself wherever she is needed. Her passion for teaching and coaxing students back to their bodies and creating a life soulfully lived, is the foundation of all of her teachings. Her pleasure is uncovering the mystery of the dark and shadowy divine through writing, online journaling challenges and workshops. Her words spill out like cold soothing liberating waters, beckoning you to walk a more mystic path. Her raw and honest prescenses comes from deep within our feminine bowl, you can find her at and at her local studio in Adrian, MI. Austeen has her Master’s degree in Athletic Training, her license in Massage Therapy, as well as a 200 RYT through Yoga Alliance.

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