What do I specialize in? & How can I help you?

Individuals who want a better relationship with their body. People wanting to increase their physical and mental flexibility and capabilities. People just starting to explore and discover their bodies again. Developing practices and plans for individuals wanting to dedicate time to moving their bodies.

“You are Free to Be”

Online Yoga For Your Self Care Needs

“Wild Thing”

You are free to be you, all of you. Who is that exactly? We spend this life figuring that out.

Breath, Love and Community. Community, there is nothing like it; we come together, we are exposed, vulnerable, witnessed as we move through life. Community loves us through it all. It loves us so much we are able to pick ourselves up piece by piece back to whole. Back to YOU. The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others. This mantra loving girl chooses each day to meet people where they are. To hold space for others and never judge.  

Austeen believes when you start to discover what your body can do, confidence and trust in your body develops. Austeen is a Licensed Massage Therapist and 200 RYT-yoga teacher. She is currently working on her 300 hour RYT with a Bhakti Yoga teacher (Janet Stone). Austeen has a bachelors of Exercise Science/Pre- Athletic Training and just graduated school with her Masters in Athletic Training. Austeen is an Usui Reiki Master.

Her passion is helping people connect to their bodies with movement and self-love. Her training in Bhakti has helped her with working, loving, speaking, thinking, teaching and moving from the heart space. She strives to constantly come back to the abundance of life and the gratitude for each breath we take. 

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